X3100 Driver – Redux

I am truly beginning to hate the drivers for this already POS graphics card. Although my minimal test cases passes fine with the 10.5.6 update, both of the larger projects I was working on earlier this year still exhibit the bug. Even more annoying, now that I have take the time to upgrade these projects with the workaround I found before, the crash is still present. The crash logs are identical to before, so I am forced to assume that Apple only found and fixed one facet of a larger problem.

This has left two of my projects hanging since mid-September, which is an nigh-unacceptable state of affairs. At this point of frustration, if I had the cash, I would go out and replace this only 4 month-old machine with one of the newer, NVidia based models, but alas, my pockets are not that deep 😦


  1. Is there any news or hints about a fix to this in 10.5.7? Various forum posts about this subject show a dead end and no visible sign of a fix to this problem plaguing my X3100 Macbook.

    • That has been my impression as well, and I guess it is pretty much the end of the line for our MacBooks. That said, in all other respects I am pretty happy with my MacBook, and I have been able to work around most of the issues – even Blender is now fairly stable.

  2. I’ve just gotten the new Blender 2.49 RC3 and running OS X 10.5.7 I’m finding it hasn’t crashed to my surprise.

    The old versions hardly lasted a minute but this one seems to be stable. It is still horridly slow in resizing even a cube, but the sculpting feature seems to be working very fast which is my main focus anyways.

    Anyone else have any success?

  3. Hi,

    I can’t vouch for a Mac, but on a PC the Nvidia opengl drivers are flawless. 🙂 Whereas an S3 integrated GPU can’t compile a display list (the code executes fine in immediate mode and or GL_COMPILE_AND_EXECUTE but the compiled list throws up errors and/or doesn’t correctly compile vertex arrays into the list). And I’ve found similar–not yet fully unravelled–problems with an Intel 915 chip (which is what brought me to this page) for which the Developer’s Guide only deals with DirectX. Next week I start porting to a Mac mini with, IIRC, an Intel chip set; and I was expecting not to have have these kinds of problems.

    Anyway I intend to ship with 1) an immediate mode fallback and 2) the ability to select between vertex buffer objects, vertex arrays, and raw glBegin/glVertex etc/glEnd. Ideally I’ll add test cases to automatically spot problems on unknown drivers (ala autoconf) plus an sqlite table containing known problem drivers which will override the autodetect – for speed and because it will be easy to update when it turns out a test case doesn’t spot a flaw in the driver.


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