Enhanced animation code for pyglet

Here is the sourcecode to my earlier post on expanding pyglet’s animation support. This is a subclass of the pyglet.sprite.Sprite class, and adds support for pausing, seeking and looping.

This is pretty much a drop-in replacement for pyglet’s Sprite class, but it doesn’t do all the fancy timing stuff yet. In particular, if you are using a very low frame rate, the display may not be 100% accurate. If anyone feels like porting the full timing code of the _animate method over from pyglet.sprite.Sprite, I would be happy to post it.

Code is released on a ‘do whatever you like with it’ basis, have fun…

import pyglet

class AnimatedSprite(pyglet.sprite.Sprite):
”’ Sprite subclass providing advanced
playback controls for animated sprites ”’

def __init__(self,
img, x=0, y=0,
pyglet.sprite.Sprite.__init__(self, img, x, y, blend_src, blend_dest, batch, group, usage)

self._paused = False
self._range = (0, 1)

def _animate(self, dt):
self._frame_index += 1
if self._frame_index >= self.range[1]:
self._frame_index = self.range[0]

frame = self._animation.frames[self._frame_index]

if frame.duration != None:
pyglet.clock.schedule_once(self._animate, frame.duration)

def set_frame(self, i):
”’ Seek to the specified frame ”’
self._frame_index = max(self.range[0], min(self.range[1], i))
frame = self._animation.frames[self._frame_index]


def set_loop(self, begin, end):
”’ Loop between the begin and end frames ”’

self.range = (begin, end)

if self._frame_index < begin: self._frame_index = begin-1 pyglet.clock.unschedule(self._animate) self._animate(0.0) def pause(self): ''' pause animation playback ''' if not self._paused: frame = self._animation.frames[self._frame_index] self._animate(frame.duration) pyglet.clock.unschedule(self._animate) self._paused = True def play(self): ''' resume animation playback ''' if self._paused: frame = self._animation.frames[self._frame_index] self._animate(frame.duration) self._paused = False [/sourcecode]


  1. Would it be possible to create an animation class without scheduling? It appears all the scheduling that goes on is what’s slowing down my game. So instead of setting a period (which is in milliseconds?) between animation frames, it would be frames per tick so it’d be relative to my game FPS. Does this make sense or am I completely off?

    • The way pyglet deals with animations, it will only update the animation frame each time pyglet renders. As long as your frame-rate is reasonable, it will only be updating the animation as often as is necessary to render, so I don’t see where this could be improved…

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