Community News

Various things have been snowballing recently, with the result that both development and blogging have fallen by the wayside. A few interesting things are happening however, take a look and see for yourself, after the jump…

The future of pyglet

Alex Holkner recently announced that he isn’t able to continue development/maintenance of pyglet anymore. If you work with pyglet, consider weighing in on the news group about the reorganisation of development:

simplui development

With the recent profusion of GUI toolkits and the discussion thereof on the pyglet mailing list, I have decided to formalise the development of simplui a bit. To that end, I have dedicated a section of the wiki to simplui. The information there is currently very sparse, but I hope to expand it in the near future.

In particular, I welcome discussion of future features and enhancements, on the road map and associated discussion page:

Happenings over @

A while back I entered a prize-drawing for some GDNet goodies, by helping spread the word about Intel’s Level Up 20098 contest. I was lucky enough to be picked as a winner, and the kind folks at GameDev sent me a satchel full of pens, mini GDNet frisbees, and sticky-headed darts in the shape of stick-figures – anyone know what they are intended for?

GameDev’s editorial staff have approved a short n’ sweet article by yours truly on the subject of spatial hashing. With a little luck it will appear on the site in the next week or so.

I figured I would also take this opportunity to mention that after 6 years and 4,000+ forum posts, I have become a member of GameDev’s hallowed Top 50 Rated Posters (not including moderators and staff). Think that is worth a line on my resume? 😉


  1. Look forward to reading your article. Do be loud about it so I catch it when it goes live.

    And as for your induction to top 50 (and a small step from top 40) – welcome to the club 🙂

  2. That’s unfortunate about Pyglet. It’s so far ahead of Pygame it’s embarrassing, even if more recent versions have upped the complexity level a little over the original releases.

    I have on my resumé, for what it’s worth…

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