simplui 1.0.4 released

New in this version:

  • Support for multiple windows
  • Java-style flow layout
  • Full batching
  • Numerous performance enhancements and bug fixes
  • Minor theme tweaks
  • setuptools/easy_install support

Given the speed of development, simplui has moved to its own googlecode project:

You can obtain the source from Mercurial, or download the binary package there.

In addition, simplui has been integrated with setuptools/easy_install. You can find the package listing in the PyPI directory (here), or you can install immediately with easy_install:

easy_install simplui

(note that easy_install will not install the demo application and themes)

This release does come complete with a few of caveats:

  • simplui is only compatible with pyglet 1.1 maintenance – not the experimental version in trunk
  • There is a bug in pyglet 1.1.3 which can cause crashes if un-patched.
  • On Mac OS X, you may need to upgrade setuptools (sudo easy_install -s /usr/bin setuptools)


  1. simplui is quite awesome, the available documentation does seem sparse. Or am I just not finding it? Keep up the goodwork.

  2. I’m finding a strange bug where pressing the left mouse button over a simpleui Button both triggers the Button’s change in state and yet also propagates back to pyglet’s next event handler. Yet from the look at I can’t see how this is happening. Any thoughts?

    (On Win32, Python 2.6, pyglet 1.1.3, simpleui 1.0.4.)

  3. Greetings fellow gdnetter!

    I felt like I should post and tell you to keep up the awesome work.

    I’ve been working on a simple Asteroids kind of game in pyglet lately, and the UI is something I’ve been putting off. Anyway, I ran across simpleui (in an admittedly roundabout way), and I am impressed.


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